Back to School!

Back to School puppy portrait

To me, August is way too soon to be going back to school. Is it just me, or wasn’t it mid-September when we were little? But on the bright side, it means we can start thinking about autumn (my absolute favorite season) even sooner! Now that school is a thing of the past for me, I look back with rose colored glasses at how fun it was to shop for new shoes, pencil cases and lunch boxes, and I get so excited! Ahh, imagining bouquets of sharpened pencils, as they say in You’ve Got Mail. 

Anyhoo, when the kiddos go back to school, it affects the fur-kids as well! Less time playing with their human siblings, and more time either home alone, exploring the trash bins, or with their fluffier friends at the doggy daycares! A time worth documenting, if you ask me! Here are some of my past Doggy Picture Day photos, to help you get into the Back to School spirit!