The Life and Times of Dozer

Santa Barbara pet photography session at Rincon Beach

One of the pet sessions I offer is the “Life & Times of a Dog” session, which is the cream of the crop as far as getting your pet’s portrait taken. I created this to cover all your bases of what you might want in a photo session of your dog. It’s basically two sessions in one. Half is usually with a studio backdrop, focusing on details like whiskers, eyes, ears, and that perfect head tilt. The other half is outdoors, where the dog is totally himself, free to get dirty and enjoying life to the fullest in his very favorite way. This could be anything from a car ride or a nap on the couch, to a romp in the mountains.

Dozer’s mom chose to get those detail shots in one of his favorite spots, and his adventure shots in another, which is totally okay by me. His first favorite thing to do is to hunt lizards at her place of work! As a lizard-huntress-mother myself, I totally get this, and this hilarious habit is definitely something to document. And gosh, what focus Dozer has! He would occasionally peak out at the mention of a treat, but essentially his attention was beneath the surface of the bushes. I just love how his tail emotes while he’s under!

His second favorite place is the other place he gets to be off leash - the beach. Beagles love freedom, and I really can’t blame him! And he impressed me so much, because as we walked the beach, he kept checking in on us, looking back. Sure, he knows who provideth the treats, but there’s no denying that look on his face when he’s walking with his mama, of pure and joyful love.

If you’re interested in capturing all the good and goofy sides of your beloved pet, let’s schedule something!