Mia & Elliot


Three dogs and one no-drama couple. Thank you for finding me, lovely clients!

This couple contacted me only a couple of months before their wedding, so there wasn’t that much time to get to know them. But I always recommend an Engagement Session for just that reason. It makes the wedding day so much more seamless – we’re already buds, and the couple has learned how I work and gets comfy in front of the camera. But this couple had another idea of how to use that time, and got their wedding portraits out of the way ahead of time! Brill.

The motivation behind this was, happily, so they could include their two bulldogs, who were not invited to the wedding day (handsome handfuls!) So the 5 of us (they also brought their maltipoo who was invited to the wedding) took an afternoon stroll through the beautiful Douglas Preserve in Santa Barbara, and took some lovely portraits, in ALL THREE of the bride’s wedding day outfits. This was amazing, as when the wedding day came around, there was NO rush to get those photos. We got some wedding day b&g portraits too of course, but only when there was time, so they didn’t have to feel torn between getting their dream photos, and hanging out with their amazing friends and family.

And, the beautiful wedding day…