The Hillman Wedding | Lavender Oak Vineyard

Bride and groom portrait on a swing at Lavender Oaks Ranch with dog pulling on wedding dress.

This wedding was an all around pleasant surprise for me. A surprise because, I got involved only a short time beforehand. I adored the couple right away - super easy to hang out with and down to earth. And at the end of our first meeting, as an afterthought, they mentioned that their dog would be at the wedding too. (Happy dance!!)

Their dog is not your usual “everyone is my best friend at first sight” kind of dog. And this is totally my type! I’m proud to say I succeeded at beginning a friendship with him, and by the end of the day I believe I had his trust.

The wedding took place at Lavender Oaks Vineyard in Buellton, a new venue to me, and what a find! It’s a private, rustic ranch nestled into its own little world. Shaded by oak trees and surrounded by long grass, it’s a perfect little oasis. The ceremony itself speaks worlds about who the bride and groom are. An intimate group of family and friends stood in a circle as they delivered their vows through a torrent of happy tears.

And my favorite moment (because I’m me, and because the bride is so chill) was during the b&g portraits at the oh-so-romantic rope swing, when the dog decided that her dress needed to be stopped! Congratulations again on all your new beginnings, Shawn and Rachel!