Brides & Dogs Inspiration Shoot

Brides with dogs in wedding

At the beginning of this year, I wrote down my goals. Putting together my first styled shoot was top on the list. I wanted to create imagery that shows what my work is all about, and what makes me so excited to do what I do – showing the joy and friendship between a girl and her dog – and how this can be brought to life in a wedding. I think many couples think including their pets in the big moments would be too difficult, and I want to spread the word, that in the right hands, it’s always possible! My specialty and unique talent is my ability to make friends with dogs. My favorites are the dogs who are a bit tentative or “difficult,” the ones many people write off, because once I do gain their trust, it’s so incredibly rewarding!

Keep reading for more details about the shoot, but I hope the takeaway from this collection is how beautiful it can be to bring your fuzziest bestest friend along to any shoot, especially your wedding day.

A primary vision of mine was to include a floral collar made of real flowers, and Alexis Ireland’s creation exceeded all my dreams!  The macrame leashes were just gorgeous as well, provided by Woven in Wild, all the way from Boulder, Colorado! I’m always sensitive to dogs being off leash in public spaces, so I was stoked to include pretty leashes. I ended up purchasing dresses mostly on my own, choosing boho lacy styles that could also endure a day with dogs! And I bought a bagful of home-baked frosted dog cookies from local favorite Pet House for a special treat.

These two had their fabulous locks done by my dear friend Yolanda from Spa Escape, including flowers fresh from the yard!

My favorite moment of the day was when the puppy Tank decided he wanted to eat the little peony flower bud! Could he be any more scrumptious?? His mom was not convinced whatsoever that he would make a “good model,” but I told her to bring him and let him be his puppy self. Well he definitely impressed his mom, and won the hearts of everybody else that day!

A special shout out to my fiancé and my parents on the weekend-of. They inadvertently became my crew and my grips, helping transport furniture, props, refreshments and gear, as well as entertaining the talent and dog-handlers while they awaited their close-ups. I literally would have ended up sleeping in my set that night if not for them.

I’m so proud of the photos we created here, but even more proud of the beautiful group of ladies and dogs, vendors and my family, who volunteered their time and supported my vision. Dog people really are the best.

Photos & Styling: Veils & Tails Photography | Models: Taylor Sim, Anna Luo, Emily Erftenbeck, Allie Wellnitz, Bianca Williams | Flowers & Flower Collar: Alexis Ireland Florals | Hair: Yolanda with Spa Escape | Macrame leashes: Woven in Wild | Other leashes: Made by Tawny | Dog cookies: Pet House Dresses: Magnolia Boutique and Free People | Dogs: Tank Korsan, Peyton Stalnecker, Leta Stoutenborough, Marbles Albuquerque, Athena Sawyer, Aurora Miramontes