Pony Party!


I don’t advertise it much, but I absolutely love photographing kids’ birthday parties! So I thought I’d share a few from an especially fun one I shot recently. The mother of these two is very wise, and threw a joint birthday bash for her two and four year-olds, between their actual birthdays. She is also very wise because she rented ponies for all the kids to ride for a Boots & Bows themed party!

Now that this idea is out there… how did anyone ever throw a kids birthday party WITHOUT ponies?? It’s genius, and I would have been so stoked to have this every year until I was… well I would still love it!

Along with the pony guests of honor, wise mama provided lunch for the kids and grown-ups from the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch, refreshments, and amazing custom cakes by Darla Castellanos.

What a fun day, and I think it was a hit!