Pet Sessions

Pets are family members, and my belief is that their lives should be documented with as much care as the rest of us. While we all take more pictures of our pets than anything else, having a professional portrait to hang on your wall is a beautiful way to honor them, and can fill you with joy each time you see it or show it off to guests. Plus it can be an elegant and personal piece of art!

If I have a specialty, dogs are it. I've probably spent more cumulative time with dogs than I have with people, and take pride in making friends with all types of temperaments.

But I love to work with other animals as well. Bring your cat, horse, bearded dragon, you name it!

Essential Pet Session

Choose your style - on location at your pup's favorite hike or your own favorite Santa Barbara spot, or in studio for simple, elegant photos that show off nothing but your pet!

$250: Session fee includes:

  • 1-hour session with 1 pet, at 1 location of your choosing.
  • Private online gallery of all retouched digital images
    (1 hour sessions usually yield at least 50 photos.)
  • Access to fantastic print packages!


  • 1 hour session with 1 pet, at 1 location
  • Private online gallery
  • 25 high resolution images of your choice


  • 1 hour session
  • Private online gallery
  • Full Set of high resolution images
  • 1 Beautiful Framed Print up to 24x36

Life and Times of a Dog Session

We start in-studio for a classic portrait session, focusing on good behavior, tricks and treats, using simplicity and controlled light to focus on details. Then we head out in the world to highlight the personality of your best friend, with a documentary style outdoor session, capturing all the things that makes your pet the happiest, and allowing the dirt and slobber to fly!

$400 - Session fee includes:

  • 3 hours total shooting time in studio and at an outdoor location, with travel time built in.
  • 2 high-resolution jpegs of your choice from each location.
  • Private online gallery of all high-res images with access to fantastic print packages.
  • 10% Off coupon to use toward additional prints and products.

Add another pet or human for $25 each.
Full set of high-resolution images is an additional $150 when not included in package.

Milestone Series

Puppies grow exponentially in their first year, and then they're just about done! Document this ridiculous and oh-so-cute growth spurt with this puppy series. It includes 3 sessions. Spread them apart as you see fit, to show the growth spurts as they come! Don't have a puppy? Use this for the seasons of the year to make a beautiful wall set, or, any other fleeting moments!

$600: Series Package includes:

  • Series of 3 1-hour sessions - Session fee only.
  • Private online gallery of all retouched digital images after each.
  • 2 high-resolution jpegs of your choice from each session.
  • 10% Off coupon to use toward prints and products (excludes canvases).
  • Access to fantastic print packages!

$1000: Series of 3 + Full Set of Digital Images from all three sessions

Series fees must be paid up front to receive discount.