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established in 2011

Throughout my life, the strongest constant passion has been dogs. Of course as a kid, everyone gets excited about puppies, but my glee never went away. I’m still the one that spots “puppies” (what I call all the dogs) in the distance and runs over to ask for permission to say hi. I worked at a dog daycare for over 6 years, and still do this, it really never gets old!

It was while working at that dog daycare, the early years, when I began my photography business. I came home to Santa Barbara after getting a degree in Film Production from SDSU, and wanted to do something creative, but to not live in Los Angeles. So I began assisting wedding photographers, shooting family portraits, and grew and grew my business, always reminding folks that I would be more than happy to have their dogs in the photos. Weddings turned out to be the most perfect outlet for my creativity. Each one is a new adventure, each couple unique, bringing endless new opportunities to create magic. And so Veils & Tails was born.

Now years later, it’s incredibly rewarding to look back at the amazing people and animals who trusted me and allowed my little business to grow, and particularly gratifying to have loyal clients, whose children I’ve seen sprout from babies to young girls and boys.

I believe that authenticity and fun should drive each of my sessions, and I strive to capture real moments, wet dogs, big squishy hugs, and belly laughs. My favorite locations are areas we can explore, with trees and rocks to climb. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then let’s do this thing!

I can’t wait to see what we can create together.

~ Kristen