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My two favorite side-kicks. <3

My two favorite side-kicks. <3

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Thanks for visiting! I'm Kristen Hehnke, a photographer specializing in family portraits, pets and weddings! I'm a hugely nostalgic person, always stopping to let memories wash over me when I hear a certain song or smell a certain food, or indeed come across a certain dusty photo. Our lives move so quickly, our kids and pets grow and change between breaths it seems. I sometimes wish I could freeze time and carry moments around in a little firefly jar, so I can relive them whenever I want. But photos will have to do.

To me, the time we live in makes it all the more important to capture moments in a physical form. We all take a jillion photos a year on our phones, or even our own cameras, but where do they go? When is the last time you looked at a photo you took 5 years ago? (Facebook memories don't count!) I believe prints, canvases, and other wall art are so important in preserving and cherishing your memories! And these memories don't have to be milestones. Some of my favorite pictures from growing up are just my siblings and I playing in the backyard, me dressing up in those cowboy boots, or, often, cuddling with my dog. These photos preserve what life was like at that time, which of course gets sweeter the older we get.

As far as my work goes, I love light, nature, and the challenge of capturing the essence of a person, couple or animal within a still photograph!

I grew up here in Santa Barbara and I have a Bachelor's in Film Production from San Diego State University. While movies and television continue to influence my creativity, I opted for a business of my own when I realized my passion was simply in capturing beautiful things. Be it a tender moment between two newlyweds, the laughter among family members, or perhaps especially, the goofy qualities of each one of our family pets.

While the perfect evening glow is always my favorite light, I'm also adept in crafting my own light when nature doesn't provide, so those later-than-planned evenings, uninvited clouds or dark halls are in good hands.

During a wedding, I pride myself on being everywhere, but never in the way. My polite, quiet nature make me an easy insert into a private moment like a First Look, but I am also happy to direct you into the most flattering and natural locations and poses!

I will always encourage you to bring the dog if you have one, to a wedding, engagement, maternity session or just to meet me. I have worked professionally (outside of my photography business) with dogs of literally all sizes since 2010, and have owned dogs my entire life (my first memory is of our first dog, a crazy yellow lab!) You'd think that eventually my enthusiasm would dwindle, but even after all this time, I still squeal at the sight of a puppy! But my most valuable skill may be my ability to gain a dog's trust, to understand and read them, and I'm always up for a challenge.

Other passions that I love to involve in my work: painting, autumn, weather, natural history, national parks, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars!

Want more info? I'm happy to oblige!