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about your photographer

I'm a home grown Santa Barbaran, with a film degree and a truckload of love for all furry creatures. I began taking photos when I was very young with my dad, and began obsessing over dogs when I was 2. After college I moved back to beautiful SB and with a lack of a job, I had a lot of time to volunteer at the local dog shelter. When the job I got ended up being with dogs as well, my skills and endless devotion to dogs were solidified further (if that's even possible). But this job allowed me the flexibility to develop my dream as well, and I began my business here in 2011. I am extremely grateful to have been a part of so many family occasions since then, from weddings to new babies to cherished pets.

In the broadest sense, I want to help everyone remember their favorite parts of life, in the prettiest way.

What are your favorite things? You've got your big moments - your wedding is a biggy of course, a non-repeatable day that totally flies by. I'll be there to contain it for you so you can experience it more and more each time you look back. And you've got the every day moments that somehow fly by as well. Moments with your family. And this includes your pets! I don't believe dogs should live under the porch, or should be kept in a crate during family portraits so they don't get your outfits dirty. Get em dirty, that's life with a dog! Maybe we can keep the wedding dress clean... but the dog can still hang out close by! He's your bestie, why should he not be invited? (Also, I really want to meet him!)

I could go on about dogs and how I probably know more dogs than people in Santa Barbara ("oh you're Buster's mom!" sound familiar?) but I'm trying to be brief.

So please stay in touch, and feel free ask me any questions you have, about my services, or even if you just need advice about your wedding, or your dog. I would love to hear from you!